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Answers to frequently asked COVID-19 questions

October 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. CDT


Q: What is the turnaround time for a person to receive their COVID-19 test results?

A: 24-48 hours

Q: Will there be recurring testing opportunities?

A: Yes. Test locations can be found through a dedicated Texas A&M University COVID-19 testing resources portal.

Q: Is there testing availability on weekends?

Right now, there is only testing Monday through Friday on campus. Testing is available on weekends at several locations in the Bryan-College Station community.

Q: Will there be sanctions for non-compliance of the mandatory testing requirement?

A: Yes. Students and employees who did not complete the mandatory testing requirement or receive an exemption will be contacted by university staff. Students will have a student conduct record in which they will be considered "not in good standing" which renders the student subject to the following restrictions:

  • Ineligible to hold an office in any student organization recognized by Texas A&M or to hold elected or appointed office.
  • Ineligible to represent the university in any way, including at an official function, intercollegiate athletics or any form of intercollegiate competition or representation both on and off campus.

Employees will receive a written reprimand, at a minimum, that will impact their eligibility for merit increases and also will be subject to other, more severe, disciplinary action as appropriate.

Q: What is the positivity rate for campus?

A: The positivity rate of those testing on campus was 4.2 percent on Oct. 2, which is the most recent data availability. The A&M dashboard updates this data weekly.

Q: Is A&M conducting SARS-CoV-2 variant testing?

A: Virus variant testing is being performed on a subset of virus as part of research being conducted by faculty at Texas A&M.


Q: Is Texas A&M conducting contact tracing?

A: The Texas A&M COVID Operations Center is doing case investigation for individuals in the county with confirmed positive SARS-CoV-2 test results; they are not doing formal contact tracing, which would involve the operations center making direct contact with each person identified as a close contact. Individuals who are identified as a close contact by the individual who is positive will receive information about what actions they should take, depending on their vaccination status and whether they have symptoms.

Q: Is it possible to notify a class of students if one of its students tests positive for COVID-19?

A: Professors are notified when a student reports testing positive for COVID-19. The name of the student may not be shared. Guidance for faculty is outlined in this message from Interim Provost and Executive Vice President Tim Scott. Further details are given on this website.


Q: What is the current process for students living on campus who must quarantine/isolate to procure food?

A: Students who are asked to quarantine/isolate in on-campus spaces are allowed to name two individuals who can serve as personal care attendants. The two named individuals are allowed to provide food, laundry, personal shopping, etc. to the individual in quarantine/isolation.

Q: What is the capacity of housing for students on campus who need to isolate/quarantine?

A: There are 44 beds available at any one time to accommodate students who live on campus and need to quarantine/isolate.


Q: What are the trends in vaccinations through SHS?

A: SHS is providing roughly 50 to 75 COVID-19 vaccines per day, which includes first and second doses as well as third-dose boosters as indicated. SHS can provide about 200 COVID-19 vaccines per day based on their current schedule.

Q: Are there pop-up vaccination sites?

A: Pop-up sites may return but campus community members can obtain a vaccine any day, Monday through Friday, at A.P. Beutel Heath Center

Q: How many people have signed up for the Voluntary Vaccine Incentive Program?

A: As of Thursday, 22,000-plus students, faculty and staff have entered the portal (takes less than two minutes)! Log on to this portal to enter.


Q: What are the current online class options?

A: Classes remain face-to-face. The guidelines are spelled out in this note to faculty.

Q: Can there be an automated excuse generated for a student who must miss class due to a positive test for COVID-19?

A: Students who complete the self-report in the portal will receive a document that provides the needed information for professors.