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Donations of Personal Protection Equipment Requested

April 3, 2020, 5:15 p.m. CDT

Texas A&M faculty and staff who have access to personal protective equipment are being asked to donate whatever they can to help medical personnel and first-responders dealing with patients suffering from COVID-19.

A&M has set up a survey* that will go to officials with A&M’s Environmental Health and Safety department. They will then contact the individual to discuss collecting the items.

Christina Robertson, Texas A&M’s director of Environmental Health & Safety who also serves on the logistics team for the Brazos County Community Emergency Operations Center, said she’s grateful for all the donations made to support the community’s healthcare providers and emergency responders.

Officials with the county’s Emergency Operations Center said they can only accept manufactured items and are not able to take handmade masks or other supplies.

Items that are being accepted include the following:

● Face shields
● Nitrile gloves — any size
● Exam gloves — any size
● Impermeable coverall without hood — any size
● Eye goggles or equivalent
● Shoe covers/booties (disposable) — any size
● N95 masks or equivalent
● Surgical/isolation gowns — any size
● Surgical masks — standard procedure
● Hand sanitizer — pump
● Disinfecting wipes

* Link no longer exists and has been removed