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Employees: Look For Unique Registration Link In Email To Sign Up For Required COVID Testing

January 4, 2021, 10:30 a.m. CST

Register now for the Texas A&M COVID-19 Testing Program using your unique registration link that was emailed to you. Your participation is essential and will inform health and safety operations to ensure that Texas A&M can foster as safe as possible under the circumstances occupational, educational and social environment on campus for all. To meet the COVID-19 testing requirement for Spring 2021 Return to Campus, you will need to register and follow the testing instructions provided.

Your registration link is unique to you and links only to your test portal, so do not share it with others. As an employee at the Bryan-College Station campus, you must complete this registration process, even if you have already had a positive test result for COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2, if you are tested at a site off-campus, if you are not planning to visit campus, or you do not think you need to be tested.

All employees are required to complete the registration process. 

Three simple steps:

  1. Register now using your unique link. You may return to add or edit your registration during your testing window. The Testing Program team will review your registration, as needed, and may reach out to you for additional information or documentation.
  • You will also use the registration portal to:
    • report and upload medical record documentation that you have already tested positive for COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 since Oct 20, 2020, or
    • register an exemption, such as because you have a 100 percent off-campus alternate work location (AWL)
  1. An immediate confirmation email will be sent to the preferred email address you provide. The email is important because it contains the link to complete your personal COVID-19 Health Survey, which should be completed as close to the time of your test as possible, at most 48-hours prior. You may save your personal link to update your responses, according to when you actually take your test.
  • Your Health Survey link is also where you will report and upload any testing documentation from an off-campus test provider, such as your own healthcare provider.
  1. Go get tested by following the instructions provided through the portal. Note that you might be given specific test instructions based on your own situation, such as if you are experiencing symptoms. If you test at an off-campus location, remember to go back to your Health Survey to upload your test record.

Registration assistance is available at any Texas A&M Test location. You will need to complete your health survey and receive your verification email before taking the Texas A&M Test.

You may take your test as early as Jan. 2 but no later than Jan. 12, using one of several convenient testing options. More information will be provided after your Survey.

  • Texas A&M Test: a saliva test administered by and analyzed using PCR at Texas A&M University. Multiple test sites, including the popular drive-thru testing option, will open across campus beginning Jan 4. No appointments are needed, and the test is free and available for all employees, students, and contract workers. This is the preferred testing option for all employees who are symptom-free.
  • Multiple campus locations offering oral swab tests analyzed by Curative, Inc., a private laboratory contracted with the State of Texas to make testing available throughout Texas. Advance scheduling is required.
  • Healthcare visit at A.P. Beutel Clinic on campus, through a scheduled appointment. This option is recommended if you are experiencing symptoms or think you have COVID-19.
  • Your own healthcare provider or testing site of your choice. As long as you take a PCR test during Jan. 2-12, you only need to provide your test details and results (positive or negative) and upload your medical record or laboratory record. This option is recommended if you are experiencing symptoms or think you have COVID-19. Your upload deadline is Jan. 15.

Through your service and participation in the COVID-19 Testing Program, you are helping our public health experts understand how to safely continue campus and workplace activities during the Spring semester as they track COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 in the campus community. All information gathered through the Texas A&M COVID-19 Testing Program will be stored securely and kept confidential to the full extent possible. We ask that you be as truthful as possible. Your responses will not be used to target any individual or group for punishment.

For more information about this program, COVID-19, and Texas A&M efforts to stop its spread, you may access information for employees here.

Texas A&M has made testing mandatory for you and other employees, and failure to comply may subject you to disciplinary actions by the University, up to and including termination. Please communicate directly with your unit's HR Liaison or HROE Employee Relations for any questions regarding compliance, return to work, alternate work locations (AWL), or employee protocols.