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Excused absence documentation secured through use of self-reporting portal

Updated: January 28, 2022, 4:30 p.m. CST

Students who test positive for COVID-19 - whether symptomatic or not - may request an excused absence for the required period of self-isolation by following Texas A&M University's mandatory self-reporting guidelines. Students testing positive should not attend class and should avoid crowded settings, such as buses and on-campus sporting events.

Students, faculty and staff are required to report a positive test through the COVID-19 reporting portal. This process allows for guidance to be given, as well as for students to get the necessary documentation for an excused absence. It's not the only method. Outlined below are other channels students may use to secure an excused absence for the period they are self-isolating. This includes a note from a doctor, as detailed in Student Rule 7, however, such documentation is not required.

  • Mandatory self-report: Complete the COVID-19 self-report form to report a positive case.
  • Notify Residential Life staff if you live on campus.
  • If you used a Curative kiosk location or Student Health Services: You automatically will receive an email notification about your positive results, which you can forward to an instructor.
  • If you used an off-campus location: Don't worry. Documentation from wherever you received the test - including a physician, clinic or another site - can be uploaded and sent to the instructor.
  • Take-home test: Take a photo showing the positive results and upload it in the self-report portal. The Operations Center will send you an email confirming the positive test.

Exposed individuals should follow the same process if they are requesting an excused absence: Report through the portal and you will receive an email from the COVID-19 Operations Center to share with instructors.

Protocols: Isolation and quarantine protocols, and our COVID-19 guidance page should be checked regularly.

Questions? Email the Covid-19 Operations Center at

Note: Falsification of these reports constitutes a violation of Student Rule 24.4.1 and the Aggie Honor Code.